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RVHRA By-laws

RVHRA Bylaws 2008 Approved by SHRM 2-25-08

Quick Links to State Councils

Vermont State Council
New Hampshire State Council

Quick Links to Community Disaster and Government Agencies

American Red Cross
Salvation Army
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
NH Department of Labor (DOL)
US Department of Labor
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
Vermont Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve

Meeting Notes, Presentations & Resources

Retaining and Sourcing in Competitive Talent Acquisition Markets with Said Eastman (pending)

Building A Better Appraisal Program with Ken Johnson (
Building a Better Appraisal Program
Sample - Performance Observation Form
Sample - Success Enablers Inventory
SHRM Topic Description - Building a Better Appraisal Program
All These People (book)

Creating A Culture of Leadership with Bob Knowles
RK&A COL Presentation

Total Reward Strategies and Gamification for Employee Engagement   Michael Maciekowich
Total Reward Strategies and Gamification for Employee Engagement (3) (1)

Fearless HR    Dave Forman
Part One Fearless Story

Marketing, Funnels, Analytics, & Recruiting
iCIMS RoadshowTalkNew    Chris Forman

Total Rewards - Bill Irvine (pending)

Emotional Intelligence (J.Kimberly)

Effective Communications for HR Professionals (J. Burger, Dec 2013)
HR Communications: More than Policies and Procedures
HR Communications: Worksheet with Tips

SHRM HR Competency Model

Decision Making for HR Professionals

Vermont Council Initiative - Mission Possible - Putting Our Heroes Back to Work!

Creative Compensation and Total Rewards to Retain Different Generations (M. Maciekowich)

Effectively Measuring & Rewarding Customer Service Competency & Performance (M. Maciekowich)

Customer Service Skills Self-Assessment (M. Maciekowich)

Performance Evaluation Model (Customer Service) (M. Maciekowich)

Internet Recruitment Landscape (S. Oxford, N. Cromwell)

What’s New with You? Trends in Benefits and Compensation (W. Skeates/J. Round)

Conducting Harassment Training and Investigations (R. Page)

Tough Times - Re-engaging Survivors After Layoffs (J. Sheff)

Understanding Military Deployment for HR Professionals (D. Wheel)

Healthcare Reform Presentation by IPG (W.Rohr/J. Round)(9/10)

SHRM Professional Development Opportunities


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