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This month’s RVHRA Meeting has been rescheduled.
Please join us next Thursday 2/23/17

Networking begins at 8:00am / Meeting begins at 8:15am

Meeting Location: 

Armed Forces Reserve Center

209 Balsam Lane

  White River Junction, VT 05001

Join Licensed Professional Business Coach, Bob Knowles, who will speak with us about:

Creating a Culture of Leadership

Leadership is all about behavior! It is about the countless choices we make every single day and the consistency or congruency with which we act upon those decisions. Bob has learned that leadership begins with each individual and then spreads to families, communities, businesses, nations and even the whole world.

Close your eyes and imagine if you could be surrounded by individuals who take responsibility for their behavior, who like to be held accountable, who operate in a selfless way in service to others, who believe in something greater than themselves, who help others achieve their own greatness and who believe in being innovative, dynamic and flexible in their approach to solving problems. Just imagine…

Now open your eyes and realize this dream of yours can become a reality.

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